Author Topic: How To Increase Penis From Exercises  (Read 1748 times)


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How To Increase Penis From Exercises
« on: August 09, 2019, 01:24:21 PM »

If these tissues suffer a micro-tear, the body alerts the brain to regrow them slightly larger than they were before with an aim of coping with the introduced stress. Repeating this process leads to enlargement of the penis as new and usually painless healing occurs. Nevertheless, this information may not be useful to a person that doesn’t know much about penis enlargement exercises.

Penis Enlargement Workout

Penis enlargement workout or exercise has several steps. Follow these steps to enlarge your penis and boost your confidence to have quality time with your partner.

Step1: Preparation

Start by preparing your penis by wrapping it with a wet, warm towel. This increases the flow of blood while initiating engorgement of the penis. To make working with your penis easy, get around 60 to 70% of your usual full erection. However, make sure that your penis is not too hard. Finish the warm up by lubricating the penis.

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